Finding the strings of your IUD

24 Nov

Ok, so, I thought you might be interested to hear more about how I found my strings. (Um if you don’t want to read about this…. STOP NOW!!!)

Here’s some things:
The cervix is like, a little fleshy knob inside.  It’s kind of hard to feel it at first – the texture is all pretty much the same.  Like super squishy and soft and, like….. exactly what you’d imagine a penis wants to feel.  (haha).  The cervix is a little bit stiffer than that… like more solid.  Where the vaginal canal just kind of squishes away if you push it, the cervix kind of holds its position more.  It’s a little hard to describe, and also, you’re at such an awkward angle when you’re pushing on it that you don’t have much leverage.  But I think this will give you an idea.

The strings don’t feel like strings.  It’s really more just like a rough patch that wasn’t there before.  Honestly, I felt them right away, but I wouldn’t have recognized it if my boyfriend hadn’t pointed out that the rough patch was a new thing. Like a kind of hard thing poking out.  Just go in expecting ONLY soft and squishy, and then anything that’s not that is probably the strings.  When I say soft and squishy, what I mean is like the inside of your cheek.  Which I guess is why blowjobs feel so amazing?  I don’t even know.  Man I want to try having a penis.

With a lot of finagling around and flexing, I *can* actually feel the longer string part.  That will also vary – it depends on how long they cut them.  And the strings kind of curl up and away so they’re a little hard to find. The strings feel a bit like fishing wire, if you know what that is like – like very fine plastic threads. DON’T pull them.

If you still can’t find them, go into the shower, and kind of squat down, and basically try and take a shit.  You’ll flex the right muscles and your cervix will squish down closer to your hand, and that should make it easier.  Also, you might poop on your hand (I did), so… watch out for that.

You could also get your significant other to dig around in there.  It’s supremely unsexy in one sense, but TOTALLY AWESOME in another sense.  I learned so much about my body!  So cool.

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