If you’ve read Snowcrash…

18 Jul

Then you know what it means to Poon something. It’s where insane skateboarders use magnetic harpoons to attach themselves onto cars and utilize the momentum to slingshot themselves around and forward. It’s a ridiculously unsafe and, needless to say, awesome way to travel.

Well, in San Francisco, some people actually DO that. We totally saw two skateboarders grab onto a bus and ride along for a good bit. Until the back flap of the bus that folds down to cover the engine unfolded and they were left dangling at the end of this bus, breathing hot fumes and gasping stupidly at the newly exposed engine. Pretty funny! One skateboarder let go right away, but his friend stayed hooked on until the bus stopped and he could fold the protective flap back into place.

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    Monday, November 27, 2017 at 3:21 am

    youre cool


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